Food Journalist & Digital Content Creator

My name is Karlo and I'm a food content creator with work in magazine writing, social media, and content creation and digital marketing.

From my magazine profile on celebrity chef David Burke to social media campaigns for The Spruce Eats, my work centers around written and visual storytelling with a strong focus on food, culture, and current trends.

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spring picnic 03.2021
Chocolate Chip Mascarpone Banana Bread Topped With Toasted Pine Nuts and Fresh Blueberries
Brooklyn Heights 01.2021
Rutgers University Campus 09.2020
Rutgers University Campus 09.2020

Karlo Sta. Cruz

My name is Karlo Sta. Cruz, and I am a young professional food journalist/ content creator with a strong focus in digital publishing and social media. I strive to secure valuable experience to enrich my knowledge as an aspiring multi-faceted creator of the modern age. I have skills in editorial story writing/ reporting, SEO optimization, social media marketing, and fluency in the Spanish language.

When I'm not feeding my sourdough starter more King Arthur bread flour or documenting my food adventures via Instagram or YouTube, you can find me working on the next creative project from home.

My love for storytelling and people has directed me to journalism as I have secured skills in engaging magazine writing, eye-catching social media video content, and the strategies to market it all.